Amsterdam - find out how we really make clogs, cheese and windmills!

Paradise? No Amsterdam!


You can‘t get lost in one of the most visually stunning cities of the world! It has the largest historical inner city of Europe and is well known for its international and liberal atmosphere. Heroic, determined, non-conformist and merciful is the cities motto – and 'Amsterdammers' are known throughout the world for their relaxed attitude. With more than 1, 2 million bikes and with more canals then Venice it is indeed a feast for the eyes. And everything within walking distance!
The city looks at her best seen from the canals. In the summer we mostly have our own boat that runs twice a day, duration 1 hour + 1/2. An excellent opportunity to make some good friends even if this will last the duration of the trip only. Of course you can smoke on board and the captain can arrange some cold drinks.
Second best is to rent a bicycle. If you really fall in love with Amsterdam and you decide to stay longer you can buy one and they will sell it back for half price. If you get tired of all these romantic canals and houses venture out in the countryside! Within 45 minutes you’ll be stunned about what you see. The inner sea, a flat and real Dutch landscape with lots of sheep and cows. Have a seat on the dike and enjoy some of this compressed plant resins you are allowed to have with you. But be careful it can create an extreme feeling of well being!
The third way to explore Amsterdam (if you are not too stoned) is by foot. Every day there will be a free walking tour starting in the morning.
If you would like to walk quietly by yourself or with your lover – please ask the reception for great walking tips without feeling a tourist. We have free maps of the city! Special survival tip: bikes do not break so stay alert!


Why not come to Amsterdam and find out how we really make clogs, cheese and windmills!