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City of beer and Lederhosen (the traditional Bavarian leather pants), student haven, high-tech metropolis renowned for its links to media and the arts… sometimes traditional, sometimes modern, always new, international and fascinating, that’s Munich - experience it!
Art collections of world renown, an enormous science and technology museum just waiting to be explored, impressive buildings from the baroque and renaissance periods and Europe’s largest city park.
From the gastronomic delights of Weißwurst (Bavaria’s famous white sausages) in a traditional beer garden to Haute Cuisine in the posh Cabaret Tent. A surrounding countryside complete with fairytale castles, mountain ranges and breathtaking lakes. Vibrant nightlife offering live music, small and large-scale theatre, techno temples, beat clubs and trendy discos. Oktoberfest and Starkbier (strong beer) festivals, regular roller-blade nights through the city streets, Christmas markets, Ritterspiele (medieval festivals) and film festivals... Munich is well worth a visit at any time of year!