Prague - the City of a Hundred Spires

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PRAGUE, capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. City with over a thousand-year history, was established and developed at the intersection of strategic routes connecting key centres on the European continent. Often called the City of a Hundred Spires because of its many churches and towers, Prague is the chief commercial, industrial, and cultural center of the Czech Republic. Unlike much of central Europe, the city was not seriously damaged in World War II and remains one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. Since the fall of Communism in 1989, Prague has become a major tourist attraction through all Europe region.

What you "must" see in our City:

PRAGUE CASTLE - Prague Castle and Castle Hill offer gardens that overlook the city, art galleries, and churches. Take a tour of Prague Castle and Castle Hill so that you don't miss out on any of its most insteresting aspects, like the changing of the guard or the Strahov Monastery.
CHARLES BRIDGE – take a walk to the history of Prague on the famous bridge from the 14th centrury, enjoy the dusk or down there when it is not so crowded. Visit two impressive towers starting and ending the bridge and let yourselves be lead along the lines of the statues on both sides of the bridge.
ST. VITUS CATHEDRAL - Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral is an impressive structure that stands on Castle Hill. This Gothic Cathedral boasts a beautiful rose window and stained glass designed by the famous Czech Art Nouveau artist, Alfons Mucha.
ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK IN OLD TOWN SQUARE - The Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square is one of Prague's most popular sights. The original parts of the clock date back to the 1400s, but the clock has been updated throughout the centuries. Figures emerge from the clock upon the hour. Be prepared for crowds eager to watch the clock's mechanisms if you're trying to snap photos.
MUNICIPAL HOUSE IN OLD TOWN - The Municipal House, with its Art Nouveau charm, is beautiful both inside and out. The Municipal House's terrific interior and exterior details were created by some of Prague's leading artists at the turn of the 20th century.
OLD JEWISH CEMETERY IN THE JEWISH QUARTER - Hauntingly beautiful, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague's Old Town Jewish Quarter is a memorable Prague sight that contains the remains of over 3 centuries of Jewish ghetto inhabitants. It is perfectly preserved and rare example in Europe.
PETRIN HILL OBSERVATORY – gives visitors panoramic views of Prague, situated right next to Prague Castle.
VYŠEHDRAD – This is where Prague started! Vyšehrad, the site of the ancient Premyslid dynasty residence built in the eleventh century, stands on one of the hills overlooking the Vltava river. Visit also the beautiful Neo-Gothic church of Sts. Peter and Paul and the Pantheon, the final resting place of many Czech celebrities. A stroll on the fortress' remains provides a breathtaking view of Prague.
THE DANCING BUILDING IN NEW TOWN – a piece of controversial Prague modern architecture also known as „Fred and Ginger“ the Dancing building simulates movement while maintaining its functionality. Built during 1992 – 1996 by Frank Gehry and Vladimir Mulunic.