Stylish, comfortable, communicative and good value:
Superbude – right in the centre of Hamburg.

Anybody who is on the road a great deal generally sleeps in hotels, hostels or guesthouses – depending on their style and budget. But nothing is better than spending a few nights with friends at Superbude.

And if it’s located in one of the most interesting cities in Europe, then you’ve really hit the jackpot.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Welcome to Hamburg,
welcome to “Superbude”.

At Superbude – a totally new hotel concept – you’re staying with friends and living in a hotel. Anybody who checks in here is visitor and visited, guest and host, admirer and admired, all in one. The design idea dreamed up by 3Meta is to work with materials and objects which are totally different in purpose and thereby create a weird and wonderful new purpose. Sofas have been covered with used jeans, kitchen sinks made out of seamen’s chests, and old water pipes have been screwed together to create shelves and tables. In consideration of Hamburg as a harbour town, some of the furniture has been made out of pallets and thick ropes. Nordic by nature! This “re-design” represents an answer to the trend of sustainable working methods. The six floors of a former printing house were redesigned to create a long-term home. 74 stylish double and multi-bed rooms invite you to stay a while and relax. One huge community living in shared accommodation with a licence to party all night long – but without the annoying neighbours and no cleaning rota. Quite simply ‘Super’ digs!

How to find us

Find us here

Superbude Hotel * Hostel * Lounge
Spaldingstraße 152
20097 Hamburg

Fon: +49 (0)40 380878-0
Fax: +49 (0)40 380878-100

Skype: Superbude