Warsaw - a patchwork of possibilities, styles and characters



1. Eat whole Poland in one bite.
Warsaw is a patchwork of all possibles styles and characters: old palaces, communist monuments and glass sky-scrapers just in one frame, cosmopolitan look with little-town-like curosity and millions of people with different stories.

• The Old Town & The New Town – a masterpiece of architectonical reconstruction
• Praga, Ząbkowska St – a real sample of old Warsaw + Koneser, a former vodka factory, now the artistic centre.
• Próżna St, an abandoned street of a former Jewish district in the centre of bustling city. It rises from a dead once a year, in September during a Jewish festival. Drop into Próżna Cafe.
• University Library – a beautiful modern building, lots of young people and a roof garden with the view of the Vistula river
• Złote Tarasy – its roof is whole made of glass and it looks like sea waves. Good place for shopping.

2. Be out of the mainstream.

Warsaw loves alternative culture. Explore underground clubs and cafes. Go for concerts of no-name bands. See off-films. Be independent!

• Chłodna 25 – a cafe and bar, exhibitions, talks and local band concerts
• Czuły Barbarzyńca – a little cafe and bookstore
• Pawilony – funky bars in the back of Nowy Świat St, a starting point before clubbing
• Obiekt Znaleziony – the most popular indie club in the city
• Muranów Cinema - no Hollywood production at all


 3. Go crazy. Go cycling.
Warsaw is big. Has no centre and it is all green. Need more reason for biking?

www.electrictours.pl - the best cycling tours in Warsaw


 4. Taste the best cakes in Europe.
The biggest one is called: Stalin’s wedding cake – it is the Palace of Culture and Science. See the panorama of the city from its 30th floor. Then eat delicious cheese cakes, apple pies or almond donoughts in cafes of Warsaw.

• The Palace of Culture & Science – a communist version of Warsaw
• Słodki-Słony – a little bit expensive but absolutely fantastic cakes in Mokotowska St
• Misianka – the best pastry in the city served in... a former toilet in Skaryszewski Park
• Chmielna 13 – freshly baked donoughts to take away


 5. Have a good sleep at Hostel Helvetia!