Hostels is a network of the best independent hostels in Europe


All hostels in the Good-Hostel network place great emphasis on cleanliness and individual style. A fresh approach to interior design and special guest services make each hostel unique. Cosy common areas encourage socialisation among the guests and attentive staff ensure you’ll have a memorable stay.
There are no huge chain hostels in the Good-Hostels network, so you’ll never feel lost among hundreds of anonymous guests. Similarly, participating hostels generally do not accommodate large groups, so you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest without being kept awake by a school group or buck’s party.

Save money: the Good-Hostels Membership Card entitles you to a 10% discount on your entire stay, if you book directly with one of the network hostels (not via an online booking agency like Hostelworld etc.).

Get a Membership Card: from any participating hostel, or simply download it here and print it yourself.
The Good-Hostels website also offers lots of insider tips about each of our member cities throughout Europe, to help you avoid the crowds and make your stay unique.

You can also use our website to nominate hostels that you think are worthy of the Good-Hostels name, so that other traveller’s can benefit from your experience.